Proud mum shows off bulging lunchbox packed with wraps, crisps and fruit for her toddler daughter

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NO MATTER how often you do it, packing your kid’s lunchbox is always a challenge as you never know just how much food to give.

But one mum decided more is best and showed off her toddler’s amazing packed lunch with wraps, crisps and fruit.

Charlotte McCulloch

There was a huge selection of fruit and healthy snack as well as a full wrap cut up into smaller pieces[/caption]

The young tot was certainly spoiled for choice as she had a selection of grapes, berries, corn kernels and cucumber to choose from

As well as some yoghurt, crisps and loads of healthy wraps.

Many parents were impressed by the amount of effort she’d put in to her daughter’s lunch, and more so that the toddler would eat such healthy snacks.

“This looks fab, my daughter loves simple but healthy lunches,” one parent commented.

Charlotte McCulloch

She later shared another lunch which looked just as good[/caption]

Charlotte McCulloch

She put half on a plate for reference and explained the meal was often eaten throughout the entire day [/caption]

While another said: “This looks lovely”

Many questioned the amount of food available to the little one, claiming it was enough to feed an adult.

But the mum confirmed it was just for “one hungry toddler” admitting that she likes to “share her food with her friends and the floor”, which it totally relatable for anyone with toddlers.

Admittedly, the lunch looks far bigger than it actually is, she explained: “It’s food for all day. It’s one wrap, 6 grapes, 4 raspberries, arounds 8 blueberries, 20g of cheese, 1/8 of a red pepper, a tablespoon of sweetcorn, 5 chicken bites, 3 cucumber slices, a few crisps and 3 tablespoons of greek yoghurt.”

Charlotte McCulloch

The mum regularly makes incredible packed lunches with plenty of variety[/caption]

Not convinced she’d made her case, the mum later posted in the same lunchbox Facebook group detailing how much of the packed lunch her daughter ACTUALLY eats in one meal.

She shared a snap of another lunchbox of equal measure with half of it spread out on a plate for reference.

She said: “For those worries yesterday that I was overfeeding my toddler, I popped half her lunchbox minus the granola and yoghurt on a plate for reference, The lunch I pack is for all day 8am-6pm.

People praised her for the healthy lunch, but others reckon there’s too much food

“I appreciate it looks more packed into a box though, we also have friends who eat far less, and friends who eat far more, and friends who won’t touch any fruits or vegetables.”

And added: “My daughter has a very healthy appetite but also has a very healthy diet.”

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