Putin’s ‘secret love child’, 17, says she gets annoyed by ‘lies’ and she dreams of living in London or New York

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VLADIMIR Putin’s alleged secret love child says she is annoyed by “lies” and insists she dreams of living in London or New York.

The reported unmasking of Elizaveta Krivonogikh, 17, this week comes as Moscow admits it is braced for further allegations about the Russian leader’s private life.

Social media

Putin’s alleged love child Elizaveta has spoken of her dream of living in New York or London[/caption]


This week, the Kremlin has been hit with a slew of allegations relating to Putin’s private life[/caption]

The Kremlin has been rocked by a sudden spate of “disclosures” about Putin’s health and the reported women in his life leading to claims of leaks within his once-loyal inner circle.

Until now, Russian media has obeyed divorcee Putin’s edict that “I have a private life in which I do not permit interference. It must be respected.”

Elizaveta was named this week as Putin’s secret daughter by investigative media outlet Proekt backed by a visual computing expert at a British university.

Her mother Svetlana Krivonogikh, 45, is alleged to have had an affair with the strongman leader when he was head of the FSB counterintelligence service, prime minister and during his first term as Russian president.

And it was during this final stage of their alleged relationship when her daughter was conceived.

On social media, the 17-year-old wrote: “London would be great” when asked where in the world she would like to live.

Asked the same question on a separate occasion, she replied: “Hogwarts. On Mars. In Narnia. In Japan. In London. In New York.”

Proekt Media

The teenager’s mother Svetlana Krivonogikh is alleged to have had a years-long affair with Putin[/caption]

Social media

The 17-year-old or her mother have not publicly spoken about the sensational claims[/caption]

Social media

The teen said she enjoyed the songs of American musician Moby[/caption]

Asked what annoyed her, she replied: “Lies…and when there is no mutual respect, trust and support.

“I get pissed off for a few minutes and conclusions are drawn by themselves and to the end.”

On the kind of people she respects, she replied: “Honest, probably.”

She told of her liking for the “awesomely unusual baritone” of American musician Moby adding that his music “is sometimes very close to me in mood”.

Svetlana has a $102 million fortune, is a shareholder in a major Russian bank and owns a St Petersburg nightspot known for its “erotic” shows, according to reports.

Neither Elizaveta or her mother have commented on the claims, which were attacked by the Kremlin.

Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said reports about his private life were “provocative yellow journalism – it doesn’t look like serious material.”

The allegations were “not very convincing” and “de facto unfounded”, a claim echoed by supporters who said no hard documentary evidence had been disclosed.

But Peskov made clear further bombshell allegations on Putin’s private life are expected to be made public.

Proekt Media

Svetlana owns the Leningrad Centre, a nightspot famed for ‘erotic shows’[/caption]

Proekt Media

Elizaveta is pictured on an executive jet. Her mum is reported to have a fortune of over $100m[/caption]

Proekt Media

An image of the Proekt Media investigation into the Russian leader[/caption]


 Alina Kabaeva is alleged to have had twins with the Russian President[/caption]

He said: “Clearly, new materials will appear, and so on, we know that. And there is nothing special in it and nothing deserves any comment.”

Proekt had cited an expert at Bradford University as providing evidence that pictures of Elizaveta bear “a phenomenal resemblance to the Russian president”.

Face-recognition software allegedly showed a 70.44 percent similarity with Putin, said Hassan Ugail, head of the university’s Centre for Visual Computing.

This comes amid speculation that the Russian leader’s may seek an early exit from the Kremlin because of he is allegedly suffering from cancer and Parkinson’s Disease.

This week also saw a “leak” that his current alleged partner, Olympic gymnast Alina Kabaeva, 37, earns a salary of £7.78 million from her role heading a pro-Putin media group.

Putin was first linked to the sportswoman in 2008 and there have been repeated claims that they have a secret family together. These claims have been denied by the Kremlin.

The Russian President’s only two confirmed children are his adult daughters Maria, 35, and Katerina, 34, from his marriage to Lyudmila Putina who he divorced in 2013.

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