QAnon Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene OUSTS reporter from Georgia town hall as she’s threatened with arrest

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QANON supporter Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has sparked a new row over her political style by ousting an invited reporter from a town hall meeting and threatening her with arrest.

The controversial Georgia Rep. has been accused of ‘hypocrisy’ and ‘unacceptable’ behaviour after the journalist was threatened with arrest for trying to ask a question during the town hall event in Dalton, GA.  

WRCB Chattanooga

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene reportedly ousted a reporter from a public town hall event when she tried to ask a question[/caption]

WRCB Chattanooga

QAnon supporter Greene claims the reporter was not permitted to ask questions at the Dalton, GA event as it was “not a press conference”[/caption]

The reporter was rebuffed by Rep. Greene, before staff demanded she and her team leave the public event Wednesday, which they were accredited to attend.

WRCB reporter Meredith Aldis wanted to ask Rep. Taylor Greene about the backlash she has faced this week over old social media posts before she was elected to Congress supporting violence against prominent Democrats.

“I’m talking to my constituents,” Greene retorted, refusing to listen to the reporter’s question or offer any response, claimed WRCB.

Staffers from Greene’s office told the reporter she had “caused a disturbance” and ejected the news team from the meeting.

A Whitfield County sheriff’s deputy threatened to arrest Aldis and her crew for trespassing at the public town hall, which reporters had been invited to attend, the station reported.

A spokesperson for Greene’s office later confirmed the reporter was removed and was not permitted to ask questions as it was “not a press conference”.

“Every attendee (besides media) was allowed to ask a question and Congresswoman Greene answered every question,” he added.


The furore followed a speech by Greene liberally peppered with criticism of the new administration, reported WRCB’s Aldis.

Calling the House of Representatives the “House of Hypocrites”, Greene went on to say she wants to “diligently continue to work on impeaching President Biden for abuse of power”.

She added she would like to see Vice-President Kamala Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi impeached, too.

The incident capped days of angry criticism of the new congresswoman, who is the first member of Congress to openly endorse the QAnon extremist ideology.

Old social media posts resurfaced perpetuating false claims that several deadly school shootings, including the 2018 Parkland school massacre that killed 17 people had been staged.

On Wednesday, a video went viral of Greene berating activist David Hogg, a survivor of the 2018 Parkland school shooting, calling him a “coward”.


Rep. Greene was pictured harassing Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg[/caption]

AP:Associated Press

Trump supporter Greene is the first member of Congress to openly endorse the QAnon extremist ideology[/caption]


The controversial Rep. has claimed she herself has been censored[/caption]

Analysis of Greene’s Facebook posts from 2018 and 2019 by CNN unearthed repeated support for the execution of prominent Democrat politicians, including Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The revelations led prominent Democrats and several Republicans to demand her resignation, while House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said he planned to talk with Greene about what his spokesman called the “deeply disturbing” comments, reported the Washington Post.

Greene has dismissed criticism from her colleagues and has called reporting about her past posts “fake news.”

In a series of linked Twitter posts Thursday, Greene shared previous posts featuring quotes and images from high-profile human rights figures including Mother Teresa and poet Maya Angelou.

“Since the media wants to define me by my old social media posts, then why won’t they run breaking news stories on these old post of mine?” she wrote.

“Is it bc they don’t fit the narrative?”


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