Rented $250K Ferrari loses control, flips and catches fire while speeding along Chicago expressway

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A RED Ferrari rented for the weekend wiped out and caught fire while speeding along a Chicago highway, injuring the driver and his passenger.

The luxury sports car, which appears to be a Ferrari 458 Italia, failed to make a curve and rolled over, the Chicago Fire Department tweeted with a warning to “please observe posted speed limits!”

A red Ferrari failed to make a curve and rolled over. injuring the two occupants
The Ferrari was being driven by a 22-year-old man before it wrecked

According to the car-review website Kelley Blue Book, a 2015 Ferrari 458 Italia starts at about $245,000.

The Ferrari was being driven by a 22-year-old man around 12:45 a.m. on Saturday when it wrecked, WFLD reported.

The driver and his 20-year-old male passenger were both treated for minor injuries at a local hospital, the outlet reported.

One of the two young men in the car, Donavyn Staples, wrote on Facebook that he was “blessed to be alive” after the accident.

Donavyn Staples was one of the young men injured in the wrecked Ferrari
Staples wrote on Facebook that he was ‘blessed to be alive’ after the accident
His mother Kenya Marie Walls said the wreck left him ‘with air trapped between his lungs and chest’
Donald Wright, another occupant of the Ferrari, posted a picture with the luxury car before the crash

“Blessed to be alive, god gave me a second chance,” Staples wrote.

His mother, Kenya Marie Walls, joked that was “beatin his a**” when he heals from his injuries.

“He has air trapped between his lungs and chest. They are going in to see where the air is coming from. Once he’s healed, I’m beatin his ass!” she wrote.

On her own Facebook page, Walls wrote that hearing of her son’s accident was “the scariest phone call” she ever received.

“This is why I pray over my children. God was watching out for my son and his friend,” she wrote.

Staples, a private in the U.S. Army, shared a post on Thursday that appeared to show the red Ferrari before the wreck.

The photo shows Staples’ friend Donald Wright making a hand sign in front of the car before the wreck.

Wright, who uses the Twitter handle @donwright202233, posted that he wished comments would not make jokes about “bad driving.”

“Blessed to be alive, can y’all save the jokes,” he wrote.

Commenters on Twitter noted that curve is an easy turn to make “if you know how to drive.”

“I’m probably a better driver than you. I’m going to let you have it though, old geezer. I’ll bounce back god’s watching fasho,” Wright tweeted.

He continued: “You have no jurisdiction over cars to say who can or cannot drive them you just another old d**khead f**ker who’s miserable. Bet you’ve never driven one.”

It remains unclear whether Staples or Wright were driving the vehicle.

The Sun has reached out to Staples and Wright for additional information about the wreck.

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