Sadiq Khan accused of failing as Londoners head to polls -'Just wants to be Labour leader'

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As London heads to the polls today, Tory MP for Orpington and former member of the London General Assembly Gareth Bacon, warned the mayor is not interested in the “nuts and bolts” of running the capital. Indeed, Mr Bacon insisted the mayor may reference the amount of money spent on tackling issues in London but in reality, nothing has been solved. Amid the prospect of another three years of Mr Khan, the MP claimed the mayor has “wasted hundreds of millions of pounds”.

Speaking to, Mr Bacon said: “So my biggest fear is that he’s not interested in being Mayor of London, he’s more interested in being the leader of the Labour Party.

“So he’s not particularly interested in the nuts and bolts of what the mayor has to do.

“There’s not any great passion, I don’t think, about making the transport system work properly about building the right number of houses about dealing with violent crime.

“He equates spending money with demonstrating that he cares about stuff, he doesn’t care about outcomes at all.

“So you have noticed I’m sure in the debates is that he’s been pressed on things like violent crime, because you cannot deny violent crime has escalated massively on his watch, and murder in particular and knife crime have risen very sharply.

“And he’ll just talk about the money that he’s spending well great. That hasn’t changed anything, the bodies are still piling up.”

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Government has been forced to provide £4billion worth of emergency funding to keep Transport for London afloat.

At the end of Boris Johnson’s tenure as mayor, TfL had a debt of £9.148billion but in the year before the beginning of the pandemic, that debt increased to £11.75billion.

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Mr Khan also pledged to build 80,000 affordable homes a year in 2016 but between 2016/17 to 2019/20, just 128,000 were completed.

That is well below the 320,000 pledged for the four-year period from 2016.

Mr Bacon warned ahead of another term under the mayor: “Well, I’m afraid to say I think we’ll be looking one way it doesn’t really work.

“The bare minimum happens.”

In the last poll, before the voting began today, Savanta ComRes found Mr Khan was in the lead with 41 percent following polling between April 29 to May 4.

Shaun Bailey stands at 29, Luisa Porritt at eight and Sian Berry with five.

Sadiq Khan’s office has been approached for comment.

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