San Francisco stabbing: What happened and has the suspect been arrested?

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TWO Asian women were stabbed in broad daylight in San Francisco on May 4, 2021.

The San Francisco Police Department says they have not found evidence of a hate crime but have not ruled it out.

ABC -7 News

Cops arrest suspect, 54, who ‘stabbed two Asian women in broad daylight in San Francisco before calmly walking away’[/caption]

What happened in San Francisco?

Two Asian women in their 60s and 80s were waiting for the bus in downtown San Francisco when they were randomly attacked by a man wielding a knife.

The incident happened at the 4th and Market streets just before 5pm,

“I’m kind of worried because my back was turned, it could have been me instead,” said Patricia Lee, a woman who was working at a flower market a few yards from where the stabbings occurred, said to ABC 7 News.

ABC -7 News

Sources say the women attacked were older[/caption]

“It was a pretty big knife, it had knuckles on the handle and the blade had holes in there like a military knife,” Lee described.

Asian Americans have been the target of several unprovoked attacks in the San Francisco Bay Area in recent months.

Are the women alive?

Both of the women are alive although it was reported that one of the women was “badly bleeding,” while the other still had a knife in her arm.

The 85-year-old woman is currently in surgery in San Francisco General Hospital.

Witness Lee went on to describe how she saw one of the women get attacked.

ABC -7 News

Authorities have not ruled out the stabbings as a hate crime[/caption]

“Her back was turned and all I see was the feathers coming out of her jacket, so I’m very sure that she got sliced.”

Lee says the suspect did not run after the attack, but he “he walked away like nothing happened, like Sunday morning.”

Has the suspect been arrested?

Officers arrested a man less than a mile from the scene two hours after the incident occured.

The suspect in question is believed to be Eddy Street – a 54-year-old San Francisco man.

Not much more is known about the suspect at the time.

“This is happening to Asian people in our community specifically, this is a pattern,” San Francisco Police Supervisor Matt Haney told ABC 7 News.

ABC -7 News

The suspect, Eddy Street, is currently in custody[/caption]

“It’s hard to imagine anything more disgusting and awful, these folks were waiting for the bust they were targeted… This is an environment, broad daylight, people are around, where you should be safe.”

Earlier this year, Stop Asian Hate protests grew across America, shedding light on incidents of abuse that Asian-Americans have suffered.

In March, a gunman in Atlanta, Georgia, shot and killed eight people, six of whom were Asian, across a series of massage parlors and spas.

New data recently revealed the number of anti-Asian hate incidents — which can include shunning, slurs and physical attacks — was greater than previously reported.

The research released by reporting forum Stop AAPI Hate and showed that nearly 3,800 incidents were reported over the course of roughly a year during the pandemic.

In March, an 83-year-old Vietnamese man was knocked down in San Francisco and broke his neck in the fall, while a 77-year-old woman was attacked in a similar manner.

Police arrested a man for assault and elder abuse in both cases.

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