Sherrie Hewson health: Star explains why she would accuse family of mumbling – symptoms

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Sherrie Hewson is a seasoned soap star, known for her roles on the ITV soap operas Coronation Street, Crossroads and Emmerdale. She was also a panellist on lunchtime chat show Loose Women for more than a decade. The TV star recently received a surprise diagnosis after taking a trip to local optometrists for an eye test.

Sherrie said she must have spent much of life lip-reading without realising it.

In fact, she was “forever accusing the family of mumbling”, she pointed out.

That’s not the only realisation – wearing hearing aids has also showed Hewson how loud she had her television and radio, she added.

In light of her experience, the actress urged the public to make sure they wear their hearing aids, if they’ve been diagnosed with hearing loss.

“The signs can be slightly different if you only have hearing loss in one ear or if a young child has hearing loss,” explains the NHS.

According to the health body, many of these problems are often caused by hearing loss that can happen as you get older.

“This is permanent, but treatments such as hearing aids can help,” it says.

Hearing aids are small electronic devices worn in your ear that make sounds louder and clearer, although they will not give you back your full hearing.

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