Sickened shopper claims ‘dirty pair of knickers’ fell out of ‘new’ Missguided jeans she’d just had delivered

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ONE woman was left shocked when she received a “free pair of dirty knickers” in her latest online delivery.

Shops may have reopened, but there’s still nothing better than a parcel of new wardrobe goodies turning up on your door – but one shopper got a lot more than she bargained for when she splashed out on some new jeans.


One shopper was left feeling queasy after a nasty surprise came with her jeans delivery[/caption]

TikTok user Courtney Rudgewick shared a video online of the nasty surprise she received while opening her delivery from Missguided.

She had bought herself a pair of jeans, but found a pair of used knickers stuffed inside.

“Yuk yuk yuk yuk,” she wrote alongside her video, adding: “When you get a free pair of dirty knickers in your new jeans from Missguided.”

Courtney explained: “I’ve literally just ordered these jeans from Missguided and look, a dirty pair of knickers has just come out of the bottom of the leg.


She claims a pair of “dirty knickers” fell out of one of the legs as she opened her parcel[/caption]

“Someone has obviously took their trousers off and their knickers and they don’t even realise they’ve now got no knickers on and Missguided have sent them out.”

“They were all tangled in the leg,” she claimed. “How disgusting.”

Over 164k have watched Courtney’s video, with thousands liking the post and hundreds commenting sharing their outrage.


People were left outraged at the grim find and said it made them feel sick[/caption]

Many people were left feeling nauseous, with one person replying to Courtney: “I’d BE SICK.”

Another said: “Ohhh hell no,” while a third wrote: “NO NO JUST NO.”


“This is why u should ALWAYS was clothes you buy,” warned one fellow shopper.

Another felt Courtney’s pain, as they commented: “That is disgusting. I’d be fuming.”

Fabulous has contacted a rep for Missguided for comment.

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