Single mum who couldn’t find a triple bunk bed built her own using Ikea bargains & people are in awe of her idea

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A SINGLE mum made her boys a triple bunk bed after she couldn’t find anything suitable in the shops – and people are in awe over her creativity. 

Sarah Brotherton explained she wanted a triple bunk as her three boys, Cyrus nine, Griffin, five, and Lucian, three, share one room, but she struggled to find one she liked. 


The single mum made her own triple bunk beds after finding nothing suitable in the shops[/caption]

So the mum-of-four decided to roll up her sleeves and make one herself, using two single bed frames from Ikea. 

Sarah, who also has daughter Cleo, 12, picked up two Kura beds from the Swedish retailer, for £129 each, and set about creating the bunks. 

Sarah popped a mattress on the floor and built one bed over it in a traditional bunk-bed style, and used the second bed at a right angle to create the third bunk – ensuring her boys had enough head room. 

One second thought she switched one ladder to the other side to give her son more room to climb up – saying her boys ‘loved’ their news beds. 


She wanted a triple bunk as her three boys share one room[/caption]

Sarah shared her masterpiece to Facebook group DIY On A Budget UK, where it’s been liked more than 2,000 times. 

She said: “I’m a single mum of 4, my 3 boys share a room. 

“I spent ages looking for a triple bunk….. Nothing suitable soooo I decided to do my own.


She built the triple bunk herself and switched the ladder last minute [/caption]

“2x kura IKEA beds. Boys love it and I’m so proud of myself!

Fellow mums have praised her DIY skills, with one saying: “That’s actually better than the triple bunk beds. They are terrible. 

“Trying to change the duvet and sheet on the top one.

“You have to have a degree in gymnastics and my kid on the top bunk couldn’t sit up properly in bed.


Sarah used two bed frames from Ikea to create the bespoke beds[/caption]

“I had them about 3 months and I got rid. They are awful things. Yours is so much better.”

Another praised: “Wow. Well done I wouldn’t have a clue how to do that.”

A third commented: “Great job. What fun they must have sharing that room. Well done super mum.”

Thousands of people have liked her incredible creation and praised her DIY skills

This mum raved: “Well done, good thinking outside the box.”

While another said: “Fabulous!!! Should give yourself a huge pay on the back!!!! And the boys must be chuffed! Amazing what we can achieve when it really has to be done eh?!?!?!”

And someone else added: “Wow, well done you, what an achievement. You should be earning from your creativity and skills.”

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