Single woman claims men should always pay on the first date & says she’s ‘instantly turned off’ if she has to cough up

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A SINGLE woman has claimed blokes should always pay on a first date, and she’s ‘instantly turned off’ if she has to reach for her purse. 

Jana Hocking, 36, said a date can be going swimmingly up until the bill arrives, and if they ask to go Dutch it’s unlikely there will be a second date, she told 


Jana Hocking says a man should always pay the bill on the first date [/caption]

She said: “I’ve liked perfectly lovely guys, but if they’ve gone tight on a bill, I am instantly turned off.”

Jana, from Sydney, recalls going on a date with a man she ‘quite liked’, but the end of the evening left a ‘bad taste’ in her mouth.

She said: “He really stared at my purse as the bill came and wouldn’t even reach for his own until I had placed my card on the bill tray first.”

In contrast, she explained how she went for a date with a bloke over the weekend, and was “chuffed” when he made a “big deal” of paying the bill.


The 36-year-old admitted she’s turned off if a bloke makes her go halves[/caption]

Jana explained: “It also said in no uncertain terms that he enjoyed the date and was willing to invest.”

She pointed out that halving the bill is usually a sign there’s no second date on her cards. 

Jana admitted she’s gone Dutch on some occasions, where she realised she didn’t fancy the guy and she didn’t want the “guilt” of knowing he’d splashed out on a large bar tab. 


Jana said blokes don’t need to spend loads, and can find a cheap pub or even a happy hour[/caption]

But she acknowledges that it’s been a tough year, and she doesn’t expect men to fork out for expensive cocktails or pricey wine bars.

Instead, she advised blokes to get creative, meet at happy hour, or bring a bottle of wine to a park for a picnic. 

Jana said: “So let’s end this debate once and for all and just say, blokes pay for the first date! 

“It’s hot, it’s manly, and will have us bragging to our friends.”


She says when a bloke wants to do Dutch it’s usually a sign there’s no second date[/caption]

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