Six screen-free activities for kids

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SOMETIMES it feels like our kids are constantly looking at screens – from the moment they get up in the morning to when they’re drifting off to sleep at night.

And let’s be honest, that’s only got worse in lockdown – thanks to the endless evenings where there was nothing else to do except play video games or browse TikTok.

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With lockdown restrictions easing, here are five screen-free ways to celebrate with the kids[/caption]

Well now that restrictions are easing, it’s about time we get round to enforcing that device ban and forcing the little ones to spend time outdoors.

From hosting your own Olympics to throwing an outdoor dance party, here Fabulous shares our top six screen-free activities for kids.

Cash Rewards for Bedroom Clear-Outs

As we’re sure all mums will agree, it can be downright impossible to get kids to clear out their things – whether that’s old school work, clothes that no longer fit or toys that haven’t been played with in years.


Tempt your kids to have a clear out with a pocket money incentive[/caption]

But as the blog Cool Mom Tips points out, giving kids the incentive of some extra pocket money will have them racing to complete this otherwise mindless chore.

But first, make sure you check that any of your hidden treasures aren’t worth a small fortune first.

Draw focus to audio

Although there’s no way we can get the kids to give up their devices completely, you can cut down on screen time by focusing on audio instead.


Tonie Box sound systems let kids listen to their favourite audiobooks and music[/caption]

  • Toniebox, £69.95 – buy now

Instead of watching endless YouTube videos before bedtime, the TonieBox audio system lets kids listen to their favourite music, audiobooks or even narrate their own stories.

What’s more, the £70 device even lets parents charge their phones while in use and there’s even a cute cartoon figurine that sits on top so it perfectly blends into the bedroom.

Better still, the wide-ranging selection of £15 audiobooks include everything from Cinderella to Bob the Builder. That’s bedtime sorted then.

Throw your own outdoor Olympics


Why not host your own Olympics in the garden?[/caption]

If you’re bored of football and playing It, then you can bet that your kids are too.

In order to get their thirty minutes of exercise everyday, why not mix things up by throwing your very own garden Olympics?

One step up from the ol’ egg and spoon race, try setting up an obstacle course in your garden (or even living room) and working in the high jump and relay races.

Crack out the chalk

Growing up, we could spend hours and hours decorating the pavement outside our home with pretty pastel shades of chalk.

And the best part is, this screen-free activity doesn’t require a garden either.

Get a ‘job’


With lockdown easing, kids can start having screen-free playdates[/caption]

Sometimes the only way we can get our kids to do something is by making them think they’re in charge – it’s bad, WE KNOW.

In order to get them off their screens, we like to give them a bit more responsibility around the house – whether that’s allowing them to be the “Chief Laundry Assistant” who picks up dirty socks or the paddling pool’s “lifeguard”.

Trust us, it works.

Get Collecting

We know it’s hard for the kids not to get stuck in their own worlds when they’re so wrapped up in their devices.

But collecting thing like football cards, L.O.L Surprise dolls, and even seashells is an easy way to make them present – and even make a few friends along the way!

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