Sophie, Countess of Wessex's body language show 'revelation' with Prince Philip

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Her “unfussy” attitude may also have helped her win over the royals, body language expert Judi James claimed.

She said: “Sophie’s calm, unfussy and upbeat-looking body language and behaviour seems to have impressed the Queen years ago and the pair are said to be close.

“Over recent years it’s been clear that Sophie’s stoic approach has worked and even won over Prince Philip, who appears to relish being in her company almost as much as the Queen does.”

Sophie and Prince Philip have been seen together at various royal events.


They appear to share a “sense of fun” and enjoy being in each other’s company, Judi continued.

She stated: “It’s probably her relationship with Philip that is the real revelation in the family.

“One outing showed Prince Philip has a very high liking of his daughter-in-law that blends a sense of shared fun with a kind of down-to-earth mutual respect.

“The Prince can be intimidating and he is known to not suffer fools gladly but the non-verbal signals here hint that he might just have met his match in Sophie.”

Prince Edward may be the son of Prince Philip, but the expert suggested they have a formal relationship.

She claimed Sophie appears to be more comfortable with the Prince when they all stepped out together.

“Sophie wore an expression of cheeky disbelief as she raised her eyebrows and smiled at Philip while he looked totally engaged in what she’s got to say.

“Even his own son Edward appears to hover just out of range with an air of polite tension to his posture but Sophie looks completely at her ease chatting.”

Sophie became a working royal shortly after her wedding and she is a popular member of the family.

The mother-of-two has taken on increasing responsibilities and took over as the Patronage of The Chartered Management Institute from Prince Philip last year.

Her fuss-free transition into the Royal Family may have helped her look more at ease with her father-in-law, Judi added.

She said: “The pair look relaxed in one another’s company and the way Philip points and turns his face towards Sophie wearing a wide, mischievous-looking grin while she looks forward wearing more of a deadpan expression suggests they have a bit of a comedy double-act going.”

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