Starmer humiliated! Calls for 'Immediate review' into Labour Party after Hartlepool blow

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The comments come after a turbulent night for the Labour Party in the UK local elections and questions begin to emerge about Keir Starmer’s leadership. Speaking on BBC Newsnight, Alan Milburn, the former Cabinet Secretary under Tony Blair, said a review should be conducted immediately to investigate why Labour keeps losing elections.

Mr Milburn said: “Keir has begun the process of change. I think the message tonight from the voters will probably be ‘we want that process of change to go further and faster’.

“I would say to Keir that there are now three things that he really needs to do. The first is he should launch an immediate review of why we keep losing elections, the last one that we won was in 2005 when Tony Blair was still the leader of the Labour Party.

“That review should encompass what we need to change in terms of policies and how the Labour party operates to better connect with the communities that we serve.”

Mr Milburn predicted that it would not be a spectacular night for the Labour Party.

Labour’s 2019 General Election defeat was the party’s worst result since 1935.

Alex Norris, Shadow public health minister, said Labour did not expect to recover from the 2019 General Election loss within 18 months.

Speaking to The Independent, Mr Norris said: “No one thinks this process is over, no-one thought this would be done in 18 months – that would be a very unlikely situation, but we are on that road, we are listening to people and I think we are making progress from tonight and onwards.”

He added: “We are going to take our successes as we get them with humility and then we are going to own where we fall short, because we are in a long-term project of re-engaging with people.”

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“I think this is the time to inject new blood into his Shadow Cabinet team,” said Mr Milburn.

“Some people are performing well, others are barely visible. It’s time to bring on a new generation.”

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