Steph’s Packed Lunch fans shocked as 68-year-old who slept with more than 1,000 blokes raves about lube and orgasms

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STEPH’S Packed Lunch fans were left shocked as a 68-year-old admitted she has slept with more than 1,000 blokes.

Presenter Steph McGovern, 38, welcomed saucy Siobhan onto the show, who also raved about lube and orgasms.

Channel 4

Saucy Siobhan, 68, revealed she had slept with a 1,000 men[/caption]

The naughty secret was revealed during today’s Senior Sex Clinic segment on being sexual later in life.

Steph introduced her saucy guest Siobhan as “florist by day and swinger by night”.

Steph asked her guest what her sex life was like when she was younger, and she said: “I had some sex when I was 17/18 years old, but I didn’t enjoy it and it was very painful as they didn’t have lube.

“I then became a Christian and didn’t have sex for 40 years, as the church said you can’t have sex before marriage and that put an end to my sex life.”

Channel 4

She was being interviewed on Steph’s Packed Lunch[/caption]

Siobhan went on: “I then turned 57, and stopped being a Christian and I was propositioned by a 27-year-old rugby player.

“And I thought ‘oh my goodness, what?’ So that kind of put a little thought in my mind, so I joined a website, and started meeting people and discovered sex can be wonderful.”

She then went on to reveal she joined a swingers club where she was told she was “sexy” and had now slept with more than a thousand men.

Siobhan then talked about the importance of lube if you are “tight down there”.

Channel 4

Siobhan was part of today’s Senior Sex Clinic[/caption]

She also praised her sex toy called “the wand” which gives her “guaranteed multiple orgasms every time”.

Steph welcomes all sorts of weird and wonderful guests onto the show.

Just a few weeks ago a woman called Amanda Liberty was on the show during a special segment about relationships and finding love and revealed she was marrying a 93-year-olc chandelier.

Amanda admitted that she has developed strong affections towards objects instead of people.

Channel 4

Siobhan didn’t hold back when she talked about her sex life[/caption]

The guest from Leeds said she first fell in love with a drum kit and now plans to tie the knot with a German chandelier.

Speaking to Steph, she said: “I don’t view them as inanimate objects as most people do. You know the term animism, it’s more common in Japan, it’s when people sense an energy from an object.

“It’s not just a sitting object, it has an energy you can get to know. That’s how I feel, it’s never a moment that I’m in love.

Channel 4

The guest explained that she believes objects have a certain ‘energy’[/caption]

“It was never a lightbulb moment. It was more like something that happened over time.”

The guest, who is getting hitched to a chandelier called Luminere, explained that she has developed a “strong connection” with the nearly 100 year old object.

“She added: “I feel loved by them [chandeliers], just an amazing connection I can’t explain, I think they’re beautiful. I enjoy working with them as well, I love restoring them.

Channel 4

Amanda plans to get hitched to Luminere after developing a ‘strong connection’[/caption]

“Yes I love Lumiere at home, but it’s more difficult to bring her out so I left her at home.

“I suppose it’s because she was one of the first ones I got. I had her shipped over from Germany, there was a special connection, I had to have her.

“I couldn’t get her out of my mind for about two weeks. When I say marriage I don’t mean compare it to a marriage of another human. It’s more of a commitment, just an expression of my love and a celebration.”

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