Student ‘kicked out of sorority after posting all lives matter & pro-Trump TikTok video’

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A SORORITY member from Texas says she was kicked out of her organization for posting a pro-Donald Trump TikTok video with an “All Lives Matter” sign in the back.

Jaycie Barton, a student at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), alleges that she was removed from her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA), for expressing her political opinions online.


Jaycie Barton said she was kicked out of her sorority for posting a pro-Trump video[/caption]

Daily Caller

The sorority sisters took particular issue with a man holding an ‘All Lives Matter’ sign in Barton’s video, she said[/caption]

The TikTok video in question was recorded in August and shows a pro-Trump demonstration, with supporters holding signs with messages like, “Trump 2020,” “All Lives Matter” and “Back the Blue.”

Barton was initially reprimanded for the video in September, according to the Washington Examiner, when the sorority charged that using the phrase “All Lives Matter” is “extremely hurtful to our sisters” and is “very unsisterly.”

A charging statement from the sorority continued: “ZTA stands for Black Lives Matter and the statement All Lives Matter goes against ZTA’s belief.”

Barton confirmed that the sorority stripped her of her title of risk reduction and education chairman over the video, and that she was later removed from the sorority completely, during an interview with The Daily Caller.


Barton said she was accused of thwarting the sorority’s attempts to be ‘inclusive’[/caption]

During the September hearing to discuss Barton’s video, a fellow sorority member reportedly criticized the former member for thwarting the organization’s efforts to be “inclusive.”

“Zeta Tau Alpha is trying to be more inclusive and saying, ‘all lives matter,’ is not being very inclusive,” the member said, according to Barton.

Zeta Tau Alpha did not immediately return The Sun’s request for comment.

Barton claimed that she joined the sorority because she wanted to be involved in philanthropy, and did not realize she would also need to support Black Lives Matter — though she also alleged that she does “support black lives.”

“It’s pretty clear that I do support black lives,” she said in an interview with Breitbart.

“And I don’t understand how the sorority cannot see that the word ‘all’ includes everyone.”

“All lives matter” is a common rebuttal to the Black Lives Matter movement — and has caused controversy as many people believe it to be coded, racist language.

Supporters of BLM have explained many times that the movement does not mean that black lives matter “more” than any other lives, but that black lives matter, too.

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