Teen Mom Jenelle Evans gets angry saying she’s ‘the most hated person on the internet’ after podcast removes her episode

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TEEN Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans got angry and said she’s “the most hated person on the internet” in a series of Instagram Story videos on Monday.

The comment comes The Ashley’s Realty Roundup reported that The Family Tree podcast deleted Jenelle’s recent episode.


Jenelle said she’s the ‘most hated person on the internet’[/caption]


She slammed a podcast for deleting her episode[/caption]


The Teen Mom 2 story said she has a hard time trusting the media[/caption]

The 28-year-old slammed the podcast for deleting the episode and not telling her about it.

Jenelle began in the first clip: “I wanna thank the Ashley’s Realty Roundup because, actually, you guys just kept me informed. I didn’t even know that podcast episode was taken down.

“No one notified me. No one explained why, but they’ll go to the media and explain why.”

After sarcastically adding that she was “looking for attention,” Jenelle continued: “I went on your podcast as a favor for you guys. Not for myself. I didn’t need any of this attention. I didn’t need any of this publicity.

“Not to mention I scheduled it in advance, made sure my kids were nice and taken care of and poured my heart out to you for 45 minutes. And you just threw all that away?”


Jenelle argued that she appeared on the podcast as a favor[/caption]


She promised to further address the controversy in the future[/caption]

She then addressed her fans, stating: “So keep an eye out on my Instagram because I will be explaining all this and more on three other podcasts that I actually have scheduled for next month.”

The former MTV star continued: “It’s really hard for me to trust anyone. Anyone in the industry. Anyone from the media and for me to open up and do this podcast for you.

“After being on TV for so long, you try to break out of this shell that you were in and you try to open up and trust people and do interviews and be on a podcast and now I’m back to where I can’t trust anyone.


She rose to fame while starring on Teen Mom 2[/caption]


Jenelle was famously fired from the MTV show[/caption]

“So when you’re like one of the most hated people on the internet like me, what do you do in a situation like this? You use your platform to speak your mind and you use your platform to explain your story.”

The fired Teen Mom 2 star concluded the series of clips by teasing her own podcast, stating: “I probably need a co-host for my new podcast and I need a graphic designer for my logo.”

During a recent interview, the owners of the podcast explained that they deleted the episode after they received backlash from a number of haters.


Jenelle and husband David are no strangers to controversy[/caption]

Jenelle and her husband, David Eason, are no strangers to controversy and often stir up drama online.

The TV personality and David share three-year-old daughter Ensley, while she is also the mother to 11-year-old son Jace and six-year-old son Kaiser.


She is the mother to three children[/caption]

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