The best women’s running shoes for flat feet

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Commonly seen in older women, flat feet refer to feet with little or no arch, meaning the entire sole of the foot touches the ground. If you have flat feet and you’re a runner, you need to take care to purchase running shoes that have been designed to support your foot type, as running in the wrong kind can cause pain, discomfort, and make running generally more difficult.

While shopping for a pair of runners with enhanced arch support may seem like an obvious solution, this isn’t always the case.

Not all runners with flat feet will need the same level of support, and there’s no one size fits all solution to low arches.

Although flat feet can be caused by muscle weakness which can lead to collapsed arches, others are just born with anatomically flat feet, and these two kinds of flat feet need different levels of support.

Finding out what kind of flat feet you have is crucial in finding the right runners.

While your arch is the most obvious area of the foot to cater to, you can’t forget about your heels and toes.

Runners with flat feet often end up putting more pressure on these areas of the foot, which increases the need for support – which is why running shoes for flat feet often look a little thicker than standard running shoes.

Below is a round-up of five of the best running shoes that have been designed to be comfortable for those with flat feet.

Made for those with mild to severe pronation, which is a common side effect of flat feet, these highly supportive shoes will help stop your feet from twisting too much as you run by creating a more stable base to run from.

The thickly cushioned sole absorbs shock and provides continuous cushioning throughout your run, while the ISOFIT upper adapts to the motion of your foot while you run, so you’re supported throughout the full range of motion.

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The lightweight support of this running shoe allows you to keep a good pace while your sole remains cushioned and protected.

Designed for those who are competitive about their speed and want a shoe that’s going to give them good energy return and help them smash out a new PB.

RRP: £140

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If stability is your primary concern when running, the engineered cushion and support of these running shoes are just what you need.

The ultra heel design hugs the back of your support and the medial post helps control pronation, mitigating some of the most common issues that come from running with flat feet.

New Balances FRESH FOAM midsole allows the shoes to be both cushioned yet lightweight at the same time.

RRP: £99.26 – £282.18

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Made for those with both neutral and overpronation, the gel technology cushioning system used to absorb shock around the heels and toes takes care of your feet through the full range of movement.

ASICS FlyteFoam midsole technology gives your feet the bounce back they need to run long distances in comfort.

RRP: £246.37

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Offset the harsh landing caused by flat feet with the lightweight spring in these Triumph 18’s by Saucony.

The brand new midsole geometry and toe spring help you run faster by making your transitions quicker, while the rubber outsole provides stability and durability.

If you’re worried that sounds a little constrictive, the mesh supper has a 3D-printed overlay that provides strategic flexibility that moves with your feet as you run.

RRP: £124.99

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