The Chase: ‘Hope you get caught!’ Contestant leaves viewers RAGING with unexpected comment


The Chase fans welcomed a new team who were trying to get some money past Paul “Sinnerman” Sinha. 

The first contestant, David, sailed past the Chaser, who did put up a fair fight, with £9,000.

However, things seemed to go a little pear-shaped when Rhiannon stepped up to take on Paul.

She didn’t seem completely optimistic as she battled for her £5,000. 

She was asked a question about degrees and which graduates tended to earn the most money once they had left university.

Rhiannon debated between Economics and English, and though it may have seemed obvious to everyone watching at home, she chose the latter.

Bradley Walsh explained: “Money is what they do, it’s what they’re all about!”

The contestant acknowledged she had probably got the answer wrong before finding out she was incorrect.

However, it wasn’t before she admitted: “Everyone has an English degree.”

Nevertheless, the throwaway comment certainly angered viewers watching The Chase at home and many flocked to Twitter to comment on what they’d seen.

One said: “Not everyone has an English degree! That contestant made it sound so trivial to have a degree in that subject! Good on Paul for challenging her!”

Another added: “An English degree is one of the hardest to achieve it’s a proper degree. She’s put me right off her.”

A third shared: “‘Everyone’s got an English degree’ ouch okay hope you get caught.”

“I don’t have an English degree… my A level good enough?,” laughed a fourth.

Sadly for Rhiannon, she was knocked out and wound’t make it through to the Final Chase. 


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