The Chase viewers praise ‘legend’ Karen for threatening to ‘hunt down’ a teammate if they took the minus offer

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THE Chase viewers were left in hysterics after contestant Karen threatened to ‘hunt down’ another player for taking the low offer.

Fans called her “iconic” for the brutally honest threat to teammate Sarah if she took The Beast’s minus £3000 during tonight’s episode.

Karen said she will hunt Sarah down if she took the low offer
Sarah said she was “very scared” of Karen and took the middle offer of £6,000

After accumulating 19,000, the fourth contestant to face the Chaser was Sarah.

Sarah managed to get £6,000 in her cash builder, with a high offer of £61,000 and a low offer of minus £3,000.  

Sarah turned to her fellow teammates for guidance – but wasn’t ready for Karen’s advice.

She said: “I have a very select set of skills and if you take the minus I will hunt you down.”

The Chase host, Bradley Walsh, hailed Karen as “brilliant”

After a nervous laugh from Sarah, Karen added: “No, I’m teasing”.

And then she said: “You did really well in the cash builder, take the six.”

Host Bradley Walsh laughed at Karen’s banter and called her “brilliant!”

However, Sarah was obviously shaken and admitted: “I am very scared of Karen, so I’m going to go for the six.”

Sarah successfully added £6,000 to the jackpot raising it to £25,000

Fans were quick to share their amusement on Twitter as one viewer said: “Karen’s an actual legend! “If you take the minus, I will hunt you down!” #TheChase”

Another wrote: “Karen: If you do take the minus, I will hunt you down!!! Yesss Karen is our HERO!!! #TheChase”

A third penned: “Tell her Karen #TheChase”

And a fourth said: “Karen is being iconic #TheChase”

The contestants lost with 17 seconds remaining

Sarah managed to get back for the final chase while adding £6,000 to the jackpot, raising it to £25,000.

However, the contestants lost against The Beast, Mark Labbett, as they were caught with 17 seconds remaining.

Could another contestant be as honest as Karen?

The Chase continues on Tuesday at 5pm on ITV.

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The Chase viewers praise ‘legend’ Karen for threatening to ‘hunt down’ a teammate if they took the minus offer

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