‘The EU is KILLING Europe’ – Brexit campaigner launches FIERY attack on Brussels on trade


The former MP for Clacton made the argument on Thursday at an event hosted by pro-free market publication 1828. Mr Carswell took particular aim at the Euro currency, which he claimed had produced “nothing but poverty and debt”. He argued Brexit is an opportunity for the UK to push a ‘Heyekian’ policy based on boosting free trade.

The prominent Brexiteer commented: “For generations the mantra of our ruling elites in every European country, was that European integration was the key to the strength and success and prosperity of Europe.

“Absolute twaddle. Since 2009 the output of China has grown by 139 percent. Of India by 96 percent.

“The output of the Eurozone since 2009 is down minus two percent.”

Mr Carswell was first elected as MP for Clacton in 2005 on a Conservative ticket.

In 2014 he sensationally defected to UKIP, retaining his seat in both a by-election and the subsequent 2015 General Election.

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The Brexiteer later quit UKIP and served out his term as an independent.

Mr Carswell argued overregulation from Brussels has strangled economies across Europe.

He asserted: “Look at the EU’s attempt to order Europe by design.

“It’s got a currency created by experts that has created nothing but poverty and debt.

“Since 1992 Europe’s trade has grown much more slowly than the rest of the world.

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“It creates uniform rules so a 35 hour working week, data rules, the belief that someone in Brussels knows what data can and can’t do in the future.

“It’s killing Europe, it’s killing European innovation. It’s a disaster I would say.”

The UK had been set to depart the EU on March 29.

This has since been delayed twice, to October 31, unless Theresa May’s Brexit deal is approved by Parliament.


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