The genius ways you can DOUBLE the amount of room in your freezer – and you don’t need to spend a penny

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NOT trying to boast or anything – but we’ve pretty much mastered the art of fridge organisation, with all our matching storages boxes and designated fruit and veg shelves.

However, the same can’t be said for our freezers – which are full of half-empty packs of fish fingers and overflowing bags of frozen peas.

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This is what our freezer looks like on a good day[/caption]

Well if you’re currently struggling to close your freezer door or simply want to make the most of the limited space, then you might want to try out these easy organisation hacks.

Savvy mums have been posting videos showing off the genius ways they sort through their frozen food using the #freezerorganisaton hashtag on TikTok – and it easily doubles the amount of space you have to work with.

From grouping your food into categories to making better use of sandwich bags, Fabulous Digital has put together the top freezer tips which will have yours looking neat and tidy in no time.

Rolling out mincemeat


Norma uses a rolling pin to flatten her mince and make it easier to store[/caption]

At one point or another, we’ve all chucked a packet of mincemeat in the freezer – but if you make a habit of it, they can take up a LOT of space.

Australian mum Norma reveals how she gets around this common problem on her account Norma’s Food Diary.

In the short clip, the clever mum decanted the mince into a large freezer bag and then used a rolling pin to flatten it.

What’s more, this life hack means the mincemeat takes up a fraction of the space it would have in the chunky packet- just don’t forget to label it with the date!

Flattening sauces into freezer bags


Mum-of-two Gina decants her leftovers into a storage bag[/caption]


She places it on rimmed baking tray and freezes it for an hour to prevent any leaks[/caption]

Got some leftover sauce or prepping a batch of soup for winter? Well forget putting them in large plastic containers.

Instead, mum-of-two Gina Homolka – who runs the website Skinny Taste – revealed how she decants them into sandwich bags and stacks them on top of each other.

Talking her 140,000 followers through the process, Gina said: “I’m going to show you have to maximise space in your freezer by freezing sauces, soups and beans. Your freezer is the most useful tool for make-ahead meals!”

In the video, Gina starts by writing the date she made the sauces on the bags and decanting three servings into them.


She then stacks the sauces on top of each other[/caption]

After sealing it closed, Gina puts it on a rimmed baking tray to prevent any spills and places it in her freezer.

She said: “Once it’s frozen, you can take them out and stack them in a clear bin.”

Repurpose fridge drawers

Not making enough use of your fridge drawers? Then one woman demonstrated how you can repurpose them in your freezer.


Patience’s freezer before the transformation[/caption]


The contents are no longer falling out thanks to the storage boxes[/caption]


She repurposed her fridge storage bins[/caption]

In the clip, the TikTok user – Style with Patience – said: “Guys, my freezer is such a mess. Look at it! It’s so small so today I’m going to be organising it.”

Just like ours, Patience’s freezer has frozen items shoved in the door as well as a huge tower which threatens to fall over whenever she opens it.

After clearing it out completely, she then placed two of the freezer-friendly drawers on the bottom shelf and stacked them one on top of each other.

Replying to the video, one fan commented: “Nice and neat!” Now to dig out our fridge drawers..

Group foods into categories


This savvy mum categorised her freezer to make better use of the space[/caption]


She can now easily reach in for items[/caption]

We know firsthand how tempting it is to just chuck any leftovers in the freezer – shoving them in wherever they’ll fit.

However, separating your freezer into categories is another way to save precious space AND keep an eye on what you have.

Armed with some leftover storage tubs, TikTok user Laura Carnow demonstrated how she organised her deep freezer into different meat, veg and ice cream categories.

Having cleaned out everything else, Laura put the four boxes back in her freezer to store her chicken, beef, vegetables and sweets.

As she’s no longer just piling items on top of each other, Laura has considerably more space – and her video inspired others to share their own storage hacks.

One replied: “I use my grocery bags and label them with a Sharpie!”

Another added: “I really need to do this!”

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