The Pembrokeshire Murders viewers in fits of laughter at Keith Allen’s ‘ridiculous’ Afro wig transformation

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THE Pembrokeshire Murders viewers have been left in fits of laughter at Keith Allen’s ‘ridiculous’ Afro wig transformation.

The 67-year-old actor plays serial killer John Cooper in the ITV drama which follows the reopening of a cold case about two double murders that took place in the 1980s.

The Pembrokeshire Murders viewers have been left in hysterics at a picture of Keith Allen with a full head of curls and a big moustache

Luke Evans plays Steve Wilkins, the policeman in charge of the investigation, which was reopened in 2006 and eventually lead to Cooper being sentenced to life imprisonment for the murders.

In last night’s episode, Steve visited John’s home to speak to his wife Pat, and viewers couldn’t help but notice a large portrait on the wall of Keith as a younger version of Cooper.

The picture – which saw Keith sporting a full head of black curls and a thick moustache – was shown on a number of occasions during the episode, and it cracked viewers up each time.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer shared a screenshot of it and wrote: “I know how serious #ThePembrokeshireMurders is but Jesus Christ I can’t cope with this picture I’m buckled.”


Keith plays serial killer John Cooper in the drama [/caption]

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The picture of Keith on the wall was to replicate this real life shot of John [/caption]

Police used footage of John on the darts game show Bullseye to help get a conviction

Another added: “That pic on the wall of Keith Allen with the Afro is cracking me up.”

A third tweeted: “Sorry #ThePembrokeshireMurders has lost all credibility – there is a photograph on the wall of Keith Allen with an enormous afro and a tache…”

A fellow viewer agreed, writing: “That hair/wig looks ridiculous.”

It wasn’t the only time Keith was de-aged in the episode, as one scene saw his face super imposed over Cooper’s in original footage of him on the dart’s game show Bullseye from 1989.

Keith’s face was de-aged and super imposed onto footage of Cooper on the show in 1989 for the drama

The twisted killer appeared on the programme just a month before he committed his second double murders, and police were able to use the archive footage to help secure his eventual conviction.

Executive Producer Simon Heath recently explained: “What we actually did was superimposed through VFX, a de-aged image of Keith Allen, onto the original footage of Cooper.

“And I think, you know, testament to the technical guys, they’ve done a fantastic job, and it’s extremely convincing.”

The Pembrokeshire Murders concludes tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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