The Undoing’s top murder suspects revealed as the betrayed wife, cheating husband, and jealous widower

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TELLY’s most talked about mystery will finally be solved on Monday night – who killed Elena Alves?

Sky Atlantic’s The Undoing, starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, will reveal what happened to the troubled mum in its dramatic conclusion.


The Undoing viewers will find out who killed young mum Elena Alves[/caption]

If you’re not up to date on the gripping six-part thriller, look away – and start catching up, fast.

Viewers have been transfixed as they watched the perfect world of Grace Fraser, the wealthy Manhattan therapist played by Kidman, crumble in the wake of the murder of a fellow school mum.

Elena (Matilda De Angelis) is a struggling artist whose son got into the elite private academy on a scholarship.

And she also seems to have a bit of a thing for Grace – even planting a kiss on her lips at a fancy school fundraiser.


Hugh Grant plays cheating husband Jonathan, the prime murder suspect[/caption]

But after she is bludgeoned to death in her studio, it is revealed Elena was in a long-term affair with Grace’s husband Jonathan (Grant), a pediatric cancer doctor who treated her son, Miguel.

Unsurprisingly, Jonathan is the prime suspect in the case – not least because he had sex with Elena on the night she died.

At the end of last week’s episode we were in the midst of his trial for murder – where there are twists and turns aplenty.

Is Jonathan really the killer? Or is someone else to blame?

Here we look at the case and run the rule over all the possible suspects.

The betrayed wife

THE song on the ­opening titles, Dream A Little Dream Of Me, is sung by Nicole with a little help from her real-life country star husband Keith Urban.

And as well as ­singing, Nicole has brought Grace to life with a frantic, paranoid energy, which suggests that the “undoing” of the title refers not to her marriage but to her mind.


Nicole Kidman’s character is one of the prime murder suspects[/caption]

Grace seems unable to explain things which closely link her to the victim.

She received multiple calls from a ­mysterious number — which she didn’t answer — that turned out to be from Elena.

Did she really not know who was ­calling?

And it turns out Elena had painted a detailed portrait of Grace — did she do it from memory?

Nicole Kidman plays Grace, who was tied to the murder by CCTV

Most damning of all, Grace was caught on CCTV near Elena’s apartment on the night of the killing.

She insists she had no idea where she was, and was just on a night-time wander to clear her head.

But in down-at-heel Harlem, she was a long way from home.

Despite being a renowned ­psychotherapist to the upper classes, Grace either does not know those closest to her — or she doesn’t quite know herself.


Elena got very close to Grace right before her untimely death[/caption]

Did she kill Elena in a fit of jealous rage then bury it way down deep?

Or did something happen in her childhood which makes her determined not to see the truth — explaining why she stands by Jonathan against the odds?

At the end of the opening credits a little girl bursts a soap bubble.

Whoever is guilty, one thing seems to be certain — Grace’s privileged bubble has burst for good.

The jealous widower

JONATHAN’S hot-shot lawyer Haley Fitzgerald tries to throw doubt on the case against him by ­suggesting Elena’s ­husband Fernando (Ismael Cruz Cordova) is the real killer.

The murder was a crime of passion, with Elena’s face beaten till it was unrecognisable.


Elena’s husband is also suggested as her killer, is he too obvious?[/caption]

Fernando could certainly have been in a furious rage, having not only discovered that his wife was having an affair, but also that their baby girl had been fathered by Jonathan.

His alibi, that he was looking after his young son Miguel, who was asleep at the time, is hardly watertight.

Fernando had been following Grace too, and seems to have some real anger towards the Frasers.

But surely this is understandable given the circumstances?

Grace’s pal Sylvia insists: “It’s always the f***ing ­husband.”

But this doesn’t seem like a show taking the easy option.

The nosy friend

TALKING of Sylvia (Lily Rabe) her desire to be right at the heart of all the drama has been a little unnerving.

Yes, she’s Grace’s close friend and she is a lawyer herself, but is she a bit too involved?


Sylvia always finds a way to be in the midst of the drama[/caption]

There was something strange about her nod to the prosecutor as she took her front-row seat at the opening of the trial.

We know that Jonathan approached Sylvia to defend him when he was ­dismissed from the hospital — a fairly major event she failed to tell Grace about.

And she was the one who insisted that Elena’s behaviour at the fundraising ­committee — when she exposed her naked breasts and started feeding her baby — was “hostile.”

Jonathan admitted to his defence lawyer Haley that before Elena, he had cheated on Grace just once before — a liaison Haley describes as “the sad f**k.”

Could that have been Sylvia — and did she kill Elena out of jealousy?

Did she think Grace would leave him after the murder then she could have him all to herself?

It’s a long shot, but then it’s often the ones you least suspect . . . 

The cheating husband

HE doesn’t deny he was with Elena on the day she died — and there is no doubt Jonathan had the means, the motive and the opportunity to kill his mistress.

Once he realised she was getting close to Grace, Jonathan could have decided to finish her off ­— and visiting her studio for a late- night romp was the perfect alibi.


Hugh Grant’s character is even arrested on suspicion of murder[/caption]

He had already gone to great lengths to cover up their affair — even lying to his wife about the fact the hospital sacked him over the clandestine relationship.

The prosecution case is clear — Jonathan’s DNA is all over the crime scene, including on the victim, proving they had sex the night she died.

And Jonathan didn’t help himself by fleeing the moment Elena’s death was revealed.

But he insists he loved her, and that he only ran because he knew how things would look. Can we believe him though?

Splash News

Grace and Jonathan’s troubled marriage is central to the drama[/caption]

Like Grace, viewers have only just found out that as a child Jonathan was “responsible” for the death of his younger sister, who was hit by a car while under his care.

His own mother insists he showed ­“neither guilt nor grief” in the aftermath of that tragedy, ­marking him out as a possible sociopath.

He is the obvious ­suspect — but is he a little too obvious to be the real killer?

The vengeful father

ONE person who clearly feels revolted by his grandson Henry’s closeness to his dad is his grandfather Franklin Renner (Donald ­Sutherland).

He tells Grace: “Murderer or not, Jonathan must be kept as far away from your son as possible.”


Donald Sutherland’s character is one of the outsiders in the frame[/caption]

Super-rich Franklin has nursed a long resentment for his son-in-law, deeming him not good enough to have married his precious daughter.

Despite this, at her request he stumps up the $2million for Jonathan’s bail, as well as paying for the most expensive lawyer in town to defend him.

Is Franklin really doing this out of love for his daughter — or is he trying to deflect suspicion away from himself?

He has revealed that he cheated on Grace’s mother repeatedly, and there are allusions to Elena having been involved with “other men.”

It is not impossible he had a ­relationship with her too.

He hates Jonathan enough to frame him — once threatening to kill him in terms so certain you have to believe him.

Plus, there is the opening sequence to the show, portraying a little red-haired girl — presumably a young Grace.

Could Franklin have caused some long-repressed trauma in her childhood?

Although is this too much to reveal in one final episode?

The troubled son

TALKING about unlikely suspects, Jonathan and Grace’s teenage son Henry (Noah Jupe) would have been one — until the murder weapon was discovered in his violin case.

The cliffhanger in this week’s penultimate episode showed his mother’s ­horror as she found the sculpting hammer in her sleeping son’s bedroom — and his eyes flicking open in alarm.


Noah Jupe plays teenage son Henry, who has been thrust into the investigation[/caption]

Was he shocked to see it there — or ­horrified to have been caught red-handed?

Henry recently revealed that he knew of his father’s infidelity, having seen him with Elena outside the school gates.

He clearly idolises his dad, and seems convinced by his ­argument that Elena was “unsound” and “wanted to destroy us as a family”.

The youngest Fraser’s obessession with the media’s telling of the case was obvious from the start — was he paranoid?

We’ve all watched enough telly dramas to know rich kids are messed up, but does Henry have it in him to commit ­murder?

Or was the weapon planted there?

  • The Undoing airs at 9pm on Monday on Sky Atlantic

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