These Pokemon cards are worth £375k… so if Christmas has cleaned you out it’s time to raid the kids’ collections

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AS GREAT as it is, there’s no denying Christmas has the potential to send you broke.

But there is a way to make some quick cash – and a lot of it – just by raiding your kids’ old Pokemon trading card collection.

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Collectors and Pokemon fans will pay a fortune for rare cards [/caption]

While they might seem pointless now, one card in particular can sell for a whopping £375,876.26 – and that’s cash straight in your pocket if you play your cards right.

You’d have to be pretty lucky to stumble across the 1999 Pokémon Base 1st Edition #4 Charizard trading card though, as it’s known to be pretty rare.

The card is holographic and features Charizard, a fictional flying lizard, with one set to be sold for the eye-watering amount as a part of Goldin Auctions’ Holiday Auction.

Organisers of the auction predict it will break the record for the most expensive Pokemon card ever sold at auction.

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This Charizard card is selling at auction for £375k[/caption]

Pokemon fans and avid collectors have already started biding on the rare card, and will be able to up until 12 December.

Auction Director Dave Amerman said: “We are already only about $30,000 (£22,552.58) shy of the all-time Pokémon record, which is $250,000 (£187,938.13) and there’s still plenty of days left of auction.

“We believe this card has the ability to reach a $500,000 (£375,876.26) sale.”

According to the auctioneers, the card is considered to be a “one-of-a-kind” in “pristine condition” after independent evaluation – hence the incredibly high value.


You can sell your old Pokemon cards and make a fortune if they’re in good condition[/caption]

Goldin’s founder and CEO Ken Goldin said: “Having been given the highest possible grades by two highly respected third party authenticators SGC and MBA, we believe this will be the most valuable Pokémon card ever sold.”

The popular franchise has recently made a come back with Gen Z, after YouTube personality Logan Paul paid $150,000 (£112,762.88) for another Charizard card, according to Tyla.

So you if you have one laying around, and it’s still in tip top condition, consider selling it online.

Plus, old toys and books in your loft could be worth £400K – from Harry Potter editions to Beanie baby toys.

We previously the 10 most valuable children’s books that could make you a fortune.

And toys including Hot Wheels and Trading Cards could be worth up to £2million – so it’s time to check your attic.

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