Thrifty mum completely transforms her kids’ room using celery and paint tester pots from Wilko – and it only cost £34

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A THRIFTY mum transformed her children’s bedroom into a gorgeous shared space for her young son and daughter using paint tester pots from Wilko and celery stalks. 

The stylish space boasts a hand-painted feature wall and unique storage solutions and she did it all for less than £35.


The mum used tester paint pots from Wilko and celery to create a stunning feature wall for her kids’ bedroom[/caption]

You might be wondering how she used the unlikely vegetable to renovate a bedroom and the answer might surprise you.

Sharing snaps of the bedroom makeover to the DIY On A Budget Official Facebook group, the crafty mum revealed that she’d chopped up celery and used it to create the black leopard print design by dipping it in the paint before pressing the tops onto  the wall.

At first glance, you’d think it was a store-bought wallpaper, but the mum insisted she’d painted it all her self using paint sample pots that were extremely cheap.

In her post she said: “Managed to make this work, my son and daughter have to share a room now and this is it finished.


She revealed that she dipped the celery into the black paint pot and pressed the tops into the wall to create the leopard print design[/caption]


Her son and daughter share a room and she wanted a space that suited each of them[/caption]

She also shared that the green wall paint used on her son’s side of the room was Wilko’s own brand in the shade Green Mint Crisp.

Meanwhile, the pink hue used to decorate her daughter’s unicorn themed space is in the shade Ballet Slipper from Johnstone’s.

In an effort to open up the space, the clever-thinking mum removed all wardrobes and instead used clothing rails from IKEA to hang her children’s clothes.

She expressed her distaste for wardrobes and door and insisted teh alternate storage solution made it easier to find things.


She also used clothing racks from IKEA instead of wardrobes[/caption]

On Ebay, you can pick up a whole tine of Johnstone’s paint for around £14, with paint from Wilko coming in at £12.

But tester pots from Wilko usually cost around £1.25 – making it far more affordable.

The clothes rail used was the are Mulig Clothes bar from IKEA. which is priced at a tiny £5, while you can pick up the celery for as cheap as 65p from Sainsbury’s 

Members of the DIY page were impressed by the makeover and couldn’t believe what was achieved on such a small budget – and with celery.

One person said: “You painted it with celery?? Shut the front door!”

Another added: “Amazingly practical and stunning.”

While a third simply said: “Celery!! Genius.”

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