Towie star Mario Falcone’s son rushed to hospital for four-hour wait in A&E after getting sweetcorn stuck up his nose

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THE Only Way Is Essex star Mario Falcone has rushed his son to hospital after the two-year-old got sweetcorn stuck up his nose.

The 33-year-old reality star had to endure four-hours in A&E as he waited for little Parker to be seen by the specialist doctor.


Mario showed fans his son and the pesky piece of sweetcorn[/caption]

Taking to his Instagram stories in the early hours of Sunday morning, Mario told fans the family waited there late into the night waiting for a specialist.

“We’ve had a very eventful evening,” the reality star began, as fiancée Becky Miesner and son Parker walked alongside him out of the hospital.

“Parker, at dinner time, got a little bit of sweetcorn stuck in his nose – so we tried everything but it didn’t do anything,” he continued.

“So we took him to A&E and waited four hours to see someone, and two minutes before before we could see the ear, nose and throat specialist, he coughed and sneezed it out himself.


The two-year-old had gotten the vegetable lodged in his nasal passage[/caption]

“Parker thought he needed an ambulance when we were at home, he was asking for an ambulance, but yes, quarter-past-eleven on Saturday night.”

Smiling at the camera, Mario joked towards his fiancée: “Have kids, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. She wants another one, she says.

He went on to post a sweet picture of his son holding the pesky piece of sweetcorn in his hand after coughing and sneezing it out.

Dad-of-one Mario wrote: “So after 4 hours in A&E waiting to have a little piece of sweet corn removed from his nose he ended up coughing and sneezing it out himself!”


Little Parker ended up sneezing and coughing out the sweetcorn[/caption]

It comes weeks after Mario admitted he’s swapping his six pack for a beer belly since becoming a dad, despite working out everyday.

The former Towie star also insisted he needs to exercise after his mental health struggles to be a “better version of himself” for son Parker.

He said: “As parents we have this whole thing where your kids become your life, which is fine. But you still need to take time for yourself.

“So in the morning I get up and train for that one hour I need. It’s not so I have a six pack, because I don’t.Those days are long gone. I’ll settle for my beer belly any day. It’s more the mental aspect of it. “


Dad Mario said he’s swapped a six pack for a beer belly[/caption]

Mario opened up about his mental health battle and how he goes as far as to switch his off phone in the evening and go for a walk to reset himself.

Speaking to Dancing on Ice semi-finalist Ben Hanlin’s parenting podcast Ben Behaving Dadly, he said: “It is that routine and feel good factor. Even in the evening I will go for a walk on my own when Parker has gone to bed.

I’ll leave my phone at home and just reset and think things through. Before Parker I never had a hobby. Now I play golf. Typically I go once or twice a week.

Because I’ve had my time, when I do come home I  jump in and I’m ready to be dad. I’d rather be a better version of myself for the hours I am there than be resentful.”

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Towie star Mario Falcone’s son rushed to hospital for four-hour wait in A&E after getting sweetcorn stuck up his nose

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