‘Trashy’ mum slammed for forcing her kids to act ‘homeless’ for pocket money

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A MUM who encouraged her kids to ‘beg’ in their driveway has been slammed online by people who say she’s ‘trashy’.

A screen shot of her original post, which appears to have originated on Facebook, was shared to the Reddit page /Trashy.


People have criticised a ‘trashy’ mum for encouraging her kids to ‘beg’ for money while posing as homeless people[/caption]

The image shows two children sitting between rubbish bins on what appears to be a residential street with a sign reading “We want money” propped up at their feet.

Both children – whose faces have been obscured in our photo to protect their identities – are smiling in the original image.

The caption reads: “You won’t get anything if you don’t ask for it.

“Jozie and her friend earned six bucks by sitting in the cold at the end of our driveway pretending to be homeless.

Many took to Reddit to express their distaste for the mum

“Straight to the point with it: ‘We want money.’”

The woman’s post has since been widely mocked online by people who have slammed her for encouraging the children to pretend to beg.

One person wrote: “There you go kids. f**k those lemonade stand b*****s.”

Another person commented: “Top notch parenting, there.”

A third person said: “I hope there’s no massive job losses or other crisis that render this family ending up homeless for real. Won’t be too cute then.”

Meanwhile, someone else pointed out: “Don’t let your kids do this… If anyone with common sense runs across them and believes them… Child services will come.”

It’s not clear where in the world the photo occurred although some people commenting on the Reddit post think it looks like it was taken in America.

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