Trump says Covid vaccines being sent ‘in the next WEEK or week after’ to ‘frontline workers and seniors’

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DONALD Trump said Covid-19 vaccines being sent “on the next week or week after” to “frontline workers and seniors.”

Trump pledged that the coronavirus jab could be available to front-line workers, medical personnel and senior citizens within a fortnight during a Thanksgiving Video Teleconference at 5pm on Thursday.

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Turmp said vaccines would be available within a fortnight[/caption]

Trump made the announcement after Moderna and Pfizer announced that both of their vaccines are over 90 percent efficacious.

The president said “vaccines are being delivered next week, or the week after” after as Moderna and Pfizer recently announced that both of their vaccines are over 90 percent efficacious.

The president’s pledge has not been officially announced by the Department of Health and Human Services or other government agencies as officials fear Thanksgiving will be a super spreader event.

The news comes after Trump raged about Joe Biden‘s win, saying “there’s no way” he won the “rigged election.”

The president stayed in Washington, DC, for the holiday weekend was pictured golfing at his club in Virginia today as 50 million people were set to travel for Thanksgiving.

Just before 11am ET, he tweeted: “Just saw the vote tabulations.”

“There is NO WAY Biden got 80,000,000 votes!!! This was a 100% RIGGED ELECTION.”


Trump indicated that people on the frontline would get the jab first[/caption]


Trump spoke from the Diplomatic Room of the White House on Thanksgiving[/caption]

Trump participated in a Thanksgiving teleconference with members of the United States Military

Biden won the election by more than 80million votes to Trump’s 73million – both record-setting numbers.

Biden won 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232, which is close to the same margin – 304 to 227 – that Trump beat Hillary Clinton by in 2016.

Trump then followed up with another tweet about Wednesday’s Supreme Court ruling about religious gatherings during Covid: “HAPPY THANKSGIVING!”

Late in the afternoon, the president again tweeted about the election – that the race in Pennsylvania, which he lost, was “A total FRAUD.”

“Statehouse Republicans, proud, strong and honest, will never let this travesty stand!”

For the first three Thanksgivings of his presidency, Trump and First Lady Melania would travel to their Mar-a-Lago home in Florida, but this year, they opted to stay at the White House after his election loss.

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President Donald Trump is spending his Thanksgiving on the golf course[/caption]

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The president is seen here at Trump National Golf Club in Virginia[/caption]

On Thursday, the president donned a bright red Make America Great Again hat with the number 45 embellished on the side.

Trump was also wearing a red sweater with what appears to be the presidential seal on it.

During his Thanksgiving address to military leaders, Trump also referenced his love of the sport.

Responding to one remark about golf, he said it was the “only form of exercise.”

A spokesperson for the Trumps said: “The First Family will be celebrating the day with immediate family for dinner at the White House.”

Trump was also scheduled to have a teleconference with members of the military around 5pm on Thanksgiving.

Melania tweeted: “On #Thanksgiving, we are reminded of the love of family & friends as we reflect upon the many blessings we have received.”

“We are thankful for our service members, first responders & law enforcement for all they do to defend & serve this great Nation. #HappyThanksgiving.”

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