Tumble dryer sheet uses: 10 ways to use tumble dryer sheets to clean your home

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Screen and electrical items

How many times have you looked at your TV screen or other electrical items and thought ‘I need to give that a clean’.

Lynsey said: “Electronics are electrically charged, meaning they are basically magnets for dust.

“You will notice that your TV screen will always have dust even if you wipe it over every day.

“By using a dryer sheet to wipe your screen clean, the static is counteracted, meaningless dust will be attracted to them in the future.”


If you’ve spilt anything dry such as sugar, flour, soil, or cereal, dryer sheets will do the trick.

Lynsey said: “Next time this happens, grab a dryer sheet and see how quick it is to clear away the spillage.

“The dryer sheets are slightly textured on the surface and have tiny fibres which will lift and hold onto dry particles.”

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