'Utterly ridiculous!' Furious backlash as university scraps Gladstone's name from building

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The university agreed to rebrand Gladstone Hall last June due to his links with the slave trade following a campaign by students. The building will now be named after Liverpool-born anti-racism campaigner and communist activist Dorothy Kuya.

But the name change has sparked a furious reaction on social media.

GB News presenter Colin Brazier tweeted: “William Gladstone served 4 terms as PM.

“A reasonable case can be made for him being our nation’s greatest leader.

“He once described slavery as the ‘foulest crime’ in the history of the UK and worked for its abolition.

“If he can be cancelled, who can’t be?”

Another Twitter user posted: “William Gladstone, who was prime minister four times, may be a political giant but he still isn’t good enough for the students of Liverpool University.”

A third simply wrote: “Madness.”

Another tweeted: “How utterly ridiculous.”

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More than 4,000 students voted in a poll for the halls of residence to be named after Ms Kuya.

Announcing the name change, Liverpool Guild of Students president, Adnan Hussain, said: “Students have been at the heart of this campaign and I wanted to personally thank all previous students and Student Officers for working so hard on this.”

Gladstone’s father owned slaves and he spoke out against abolition in Parliament.

But the four-time prime minister later changed his views and branded slavery the “foulest crime” in the history of the UK.

Earlier this year, Dr David Jeffery, a lecturer in British politics at the University of Liverpool, said that Gladstone Hall was “named after one of our greatest prime ministers” who had “worked for the abolition of slavery and never owned slaves himself”.

He told The Times: “There is a sense that Gladstone is not the right figure to go after.

“There is the idea he had some fairly mainstream views in his youth but his political journey over those 60 years led him to a very progressive place at the end of his life.”

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