WATCH: Pilot claims one of her favourite parts of the job actually happens after landing

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She continued: “It took me a little bit of time to get there.

“I applied to five different airline sponsorships and I think that is probably what was hardest about my journey, was definitely having that resilience, trusting in not only my dream and myself but also in the process – in my personal growth.”

Since securing her place on the Virgin Atlantic sponsorship scheme in 2017, Sorcha has gone on from flying a single-engine aircraft to commandeering an airbus.

“I realised it wasn’t just a giant leap from no experience to first officer at an airline,” she explained.

“It was lots of tiny little steps and it suddenly made me realise that this was achievable. I could actually reach my dream.”

It seems all of the hard work has paid off for Sorcha.

“I have got to say that seeing the faces of your passenger leaving the aircraft after you have landed the aircraft safely is worth every single time that I had to pick myself up again and keep going and keep pushing to achieve my dream,” she said.

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