'We have an Irish guy in the White House!' O'Leary overjoyed with Biden after major deal

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Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary joked that the US was in good hands as Joe Biden was expected to settle troubled waters. During a press conference with Boeing CEO David Calhoun, Mr O’Leary announced the budget airline has ordered 75 more Boeing 737 Max planes. The Dublin-based airline announced the deal, which means it now has 210 firm orders for the aircraft to be delivered between spring 2021 and December 2024.

In addition to this, Mr O’Leary said he was confident that under Mr Biden, who is expected to replace Donald Trump in White House in January, there would be no tariffs on aircrafts moving from the US to Europe.

He noted this would have positive knock-on impacts for customers who could then enjoy cheaper flights.

Mr O’Leary said: “Like Boeing everyone wants to see an end to the tariff wars as well.

“Whether you are an airbus customer or a Boeing customer it is absolutely critical to all of our customers that there are not tariffs applied to aircraft whether they are made in Europe or made in the US.

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“The way we recover tourism from COVID-19 is going to be with low fares and get people moving again and that means tariff-free aircrafts.

“We are hopeful, now that we will shortly have an Irish guy in the White House.

“As usual the Irish will arrive in and we will pour oil on troubled waters and peace and harmony will reign between the US and Europe.

“We look forward to taking on more Boeing aircrafts.”

“Boeing have a backlog of aircraft that are going to get delivered and they are going to ramp up production, this is not going to be the first of these announcements.”

Mr O’Leary highlighted other positive conversations Ryanair is having about their future going forward.

He said: “We are already in dialogue with David on the Max 1, not quite there yet but there are more discussions to take place.”

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