What is Bill Whitaker’s net worth?

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CBS’ Bill Whitaker has been a journalist since 1979.

The news personality is slated to guest-host Jeopardy! from May 3 – May 14, 2021.


Bill Whitaker has been a journalist since 1979[/caption]

What is Bill Whitaker’s net worth?

Bill Whitaker, 69, reportedly has a net worth of $1million.

His annual salary at CBS is estimated to be $102,548.

Whitaker has been with the network since 1989 when he became the CBS News Tokyo correspondent.

In March 2014, he was made a correspondent for the CBS news program 60 Minutes.


Whitaker has a reported net worth of $1million[/caption]

Does Bill Whitaker have children?

Whitaker has a son, Gail, and daughter, Lesley with wife Terry Whitaker.

Little is known about Gail or Lesley, as the journalist keeps his private life off-cameras.

What did Bill Whitaker say about hosting Jeopardy!?

Whitaker dished to the Washington Post about guest-hosting Jeopardy!, saying: “I work in television news, which is a totally different animal. I’m used to talking to one camera. 

“Here, you had, I think, four cameras — one swoops in from the side, you talk to that one at the end of one commercial, and then swoops to another one you have to talk to after a commercial, and then the contestants are over on the other side. 


Whitaker will guest host Jeopardy! from May 3-14, 2021[/caption]

Adding: “The thing that I was most surprised about was just how fast-paced it is.”

In an interview with the game show, Whitaker said that “Jeopardy!’ is my wife’s and my favorite show,”

“We try to answer the questions, we have a little thing, we put it on pause, we talk it over, and we see if we’ve got the right answer, and we come back, and often we don’t, but we love it.”

He also added that his wife encouraged him to accept the guest-hosting duties, saying: “‘Of course you should [take the offer]. This will be terrific. 

Adding: “You’ll have a great time. You’ll have fun, go do it.’”

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