Wheeler Dealers Mike Brewer shows drivers how to increase their car values this Christmas

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Experts have predicted the used car market could bounce back strongly in January 2021 due to the threat of extra tariffs on new cars. A range of manufacturers have already warned a no-deal Brexit may see prices rise by 10 percent on some of their new vehicles with costs passed onto motorists. Classic car specialist and Wheeler Dealers frontman Mike Brewer and Motorway.co.uk Alex Buttle have spoken to Express.co.uk to share thor top secrets.


A new study from Cazoo has found car owners clean their entire vehicles only five times a year or once every 11 weeks.

However, giving your car a quick clean can massively improve how prospective owners rate your car and therefore how much they are willing to pay.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Mike Brewer said: “There’s nothing worse than somebody jumping into a car with a dirty footwell, smudged seats, they are looking at dust on the dashboard. It costs next to nothing but just clean the car.

He added: “Cleanliness, It’s the easiest thing to do on any car. It’s a nice deep detail on any car.

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“There’s a whole host of good consumable products that were business to business products that have now filtered down to business to consumer products.

“You can get some really good detail level car shampoos and waxes and ceramic coatings for your car.

“These are really good because they not only enhance the look of the car but they can also protect the car particularly in the winter months as well.”

“PH water is a really easy thing to do, it’s really cheap to buy. It has a tendency to really lift the dirt out of the rubbers, the seals the gaps the body panels.

Once you’ve given your car a really good soapy clean, give it a big deep polish and detail. Don’t forget to really work away at the interior of the car as well.”

Mr Brewer adds downers with extra time on their hands could even take out their car seats and give their vehicle carpets a quick shampoo.

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Check your service history

Alex Buttle, expert at Motorway.co.uk says your vehicle service history can make a “big difference” to how much m0ney owners can make on their vehicles.

He warns some dealers only purchase cars with full services history meaning motorists could be caught out when trying to secure a good price.

He told Express.co.uk: “In the first five years of its life, make sure it’s serviced regularly and by a franchised dealer rather than independent services.

“Some franchised dealers can only buy cars with a full-service history from franchised outlets.

“So, if you go somewhere else, you are reducing the buying pool when you come to sell it. It’s worth the extra £100 to get it serviced somewhere franchised.”

Classic car upgrades

As seen by his TV work on Wheeler Dealers, Mr Brewer is no stranger to finding money from the most battered of classics.

He says the most simple upgrade for owners is to install an electronic ignition system.

However, he says upgrading the disc brakes will “massively improve” the performance of the car and boost values.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, he said: “If you’ve got drum brakes on your car, go for a disc brake conversion which will massively improve the braking performance of your car.

“It’s not too difficult to do but it will really make it better come sale time.

If you’ve already got disc brakes on your car they are likely to be two-pot disc brakes which means there is only two pistons in the calliper to grab hold of the disc when you come to your stopping power.

“If you put an electronic ignition in, you might want to enhance it to a four-pot calliper. There are thousands of options out there on the marketplace.

“There’s some really good ones as well that look like they belong in a period-correct car.”

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