Who is Michael McIntyre’s wife Kitty and do they have kids?

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MICHAEL McIntyre’s family life has been the source of hilarious material for his stand-up shows.

But behind the jokes, McIntyre is loved up with wife of 17 years Kitty Ward. Here’s what we know about her.

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Michael McIntyre is loved up with wife of 17 years Kitty Ward[/caption]

Who is Michael McIntyre’s wife Kitty?

Kitty Ward is the wife world-famous comedian Michael McIntyre.

She is no stranger to fame though, as the daughter of the late film star Simon Ward and sister of Young Sherlock Holmes actress Sophie Ward.

Unlike her celebrity relatives, Kitty keeps her private life under wraps.

It is thought that she works as an aromatherapist in London.

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Kitty is the daughter of the late film star Simon Ward[/caption]

Kitty has provided plenty of comedic material for her husband over the years – his most famous being his hilarious sketch about Kitty trying to put her tights on.

Michael and Kitty live together in Hampstead, London, 

When did they get married?

Michael and his wife Kitty Ward tied the knot in 2003.

But Michael was 22 when he first met Kitty.

He wrote in his 2010 book Life and Laughing: “She was the girl I had been looking for. In the romantic comedy that was my life, this would have made a good ending.

“We would fall happily ever after. Within moments of seeing her and chatting to her I was totally up for that ending. ­Unfortunately, she wasn’t.”

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Michael and his wife Kitty Ward tied the knot in 2003[/caption]

But the comedian managed to woo Kitty, and the pair began dating.

He revealed on Desert Island Discs that his family found it difficult to accept he had a girlfriend.

McIntyre said: “Unfortunately my grandma didn’t really like it when I got a girlfriend. She was trying to break us up which was funny for a while but then it became quite vicious, an untenable ­situation.”

However, Michael developed a strong relationship with Kitty’s own parents – Alexandra and Simon Ward, an actor who starred in Young Winston.

After he passed away in 2012, Michael revealed: “He was one of my closest friends. He would come to my gigs in the early days.”

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Michael and Kitty have two children together[/caption]

Do they have any children?

The pair have two children together, 15-year-old Lucas and 12-year-old Oscar.

Both of Michael’s sons have been the subject of his comedy sketches.

In a sketch about about the nightly struggle of putting his sons to bed, the comedian joked: “You never love your children more than when they’re unconscious, but still breathing.”

In another gag about his kids, he said: “My son’s got two words: car and map, that’s all he can say. ‘Car, car, map, car!’

“I’m fairly worried he’s trying to escape. So if the next word is passport, we’re in serious trouble.”

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