Woman reveals clever trick which gets you a row to yourself during a flight

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A TRAVEL expert has revealed how to get a row all to yourself during a flight – with a number of different methods.

Chelsea Dickenson, who runs the website cheapholidayexpert.com, said the first way depends on you flying with another person.


A travel expert has explained how to get a row to yourself on a flight without paying extra[/caption]

The trick is to book a seat in the aisle and in the window of a three-seat row – leaving the middle seat empty.

Passengers are unlikely to book the middle seat, being the worst seat, or are likely to be flying with others, meaning you will have that one empty for the whole flight.

She explained on her website: “When choosing your seats, select an empty row and instead of sitting together, opt for the window seat at the aisle seat.

“Solo travellers are much less likely to select a seat in between two strangers, meaning you’re upping your chances of having the row to yourself if the plane isn’t fully booked.”

She shared a video on Tiktok showing her and her boyfriend James looking ecstatic at having the row to themselves after trying the trick on a British Airways flight from London Heathrow to Corfu, after everyone had boarded and it was still empty.

She added that they “bloody smashed it” and were able to make the most of the spare seat in the middle.

She told the Mail Online: “Having the whole row to yourself is just that extra bit of comfort – in fact, it’s exactly the same space you’d get if you were flying in British Airways’ business class offering for Europe, so it’s a great way to get the most for your money.”

She also added that it doesn’t matter if someone does book the middle seat anyway – as they will likely be happy to move.

She said: “The great news about this hack is that if someone does book the seat between you, 9 times out of 10 they’ll be very happy to move to the aisle or the window seat so you can sit with your travel partner.”

The video has since gone viral with more than 260,000 watching it.

Another way she says to get a free row, although with more risk, is to book seats in row 13, as some superstitious passengers are likely to avoid it.

However, many airlines don’t even have a row 13 due to this – including Ryanair.

Here are some other ways to get a free row to yourself as well.


Book the aisle and the window seat – as passengers are unlikely to choose the middle one[/caption]

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