Woman shows cheeky way to get first dibs on your favourites in family’s Christmas chocolate tubs WITHOUT breaking seal

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IF you want to instantly start a raging argument in our family then all you need to do is eat the last Fudge bar in the Heroes tub.

That said, if you’ve ever felt shortchanged when it comes to shared Christmas chocolate then one woman has revealed how you can get a cheeky head start without anyone knowing.


Maneet revealed how she gets a head start on her family’s chocolate tubs[/caption]

Sharing her hack on her TikTok page Mins Meals, chocoholic Maneet said: “I don’t know who needs to hear this but I saw it and thought I would share it because I needed to know this like five years ago!”

In the clip, the TikTok star begins by turning the tub on its side and pushing down in the middle until the lid cracks open a fraction.

She added: “Then you can open it – this is amazing! – without [breaking the seal].”

After pouring the chocolates on the floor, Maneet then takes a handful of her favourites.


She starts by turning the tub on its side and pushing down on it [/caption]


This cracks the lid open a fraction[/caption]

“For me, it’s going to be a Cream Egg,” she added. “And a Fudge. And maybe a Crunchy. And a Wispa.”

Having got first dibs on the sweet treats, Maneet then closes the tub again – and her family is none the wiser.

She continued: “Then you just snap it shut and [the seal] is still on there!”

Her video has racked up over 255,000 “likes” – and viewers couldn’t wait to try it themselves.


Maneet has her pick of all the chocolates[/caption]


At the end of the video, she then snaps the tub shut again – and the seal is still in tact[/caption]

One joked: “It’s all fun and games until there are only five sweets left…”

Another asked: “Okay WHY have I just only found out about this?”

“YOU SAVED MY LIFE,” a third added.

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: “My mum would somehow find out…”

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