Woman urges people NOT to get their eyebrows microbladed after showing the horrific results FOUR years later

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A WOMAN claims that getting her eyebrows microbladed was the ‘worst mistake’ of her life as she revealed her disastrous brows four years later.

Tiktok user Melina shared a video of the horrifying results of her treatment – encouraging others to share their own experiences.

@melinatesi / Tiktok

Melina says getting her brows microbladed was the worst mistake of her life[/caption]

In the video Melina reveals that her microbladed brows no longer line up with her natural eyebrows, and the pigment has turned an orange colour.

She says: “Don’t do it. Worst mistake I ever made, the removal process is so hard.”

Microblading is a process similar to tattooing – professionals use very small blades to permanently add pigment, giving the impression of fuller or more defined brows. 

For the first year, she loved her brows, but when they first started to go wrong, they turned red. 

@melinatesi / Tiktok

The microblading is now above her natural brow and is orange in colour[/caption]

At this point, Melina says she  lost “so much confidence and always HAD to wear make up to cover it”.

After trying and failing to reverse the process with laser removal, Melina is now using a different treatment, called “Rejuvi”. 

This process is used for tattoo removal, and involves extracting the pigment from the skin.

She still doesn’t know if this treatment will fully remove the botched microblading above her natural brow.

@melinatesi / Tiktok

Melina loved her eyebrows for the first year after microblading[/caption]

@melinatesi / Tiktok

She’s in the process of trying to remove them for the second time[/caption]

The video has reached 650,000 people, and tonnes of commenters say the same thing has happened to them.

“Yes! Same thing happened to me, they went above my brow and it looks orange now”, wrote one viewer. 

“Same!!! Four years out, thankfully mine are still under hair. But orange af”, said another, while a third wrote: “Dude same!!! Mine are red and higher arched than my natural brow.”

Some commenters were grateful for the warning.

“Thank you for posting I was actually considering doing this and you’re the only person to give me a reason to think twice”, wrote one veiwer.

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