Woman’s Lush laundry hack goes viral as it promises the best smelling clothes

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A WOMAN has revealed how she makes her clothes smell gorgeous every time with a Lush shower gel.

When Scottish TikTok user @kayleightaylor93 saw someone put the popular Snow Fairy shower gel from Lush in their washing, she decided to give it a go herself.

Tik Tok

Kayleigh revealed her trick for making your laundry smell amazing[/caption]

Sharing the tip in a video, she said: “So I saw someone add snow fairy to their washing machine the other day and it made their clothes smell amazing so I’m gonna do my dressing gown and see how we go.

“So I’ve got one cup of the snow fairy and I’m just gonna put it down here in the drum with the dressing gown. 

“Then I’m going to add my soap powder as normal. I’m adding a wee touch of softener.”

And it seems that it was a success, with a delighted Kayleigh sharing the results.

Tik Tok

She uses Lush’s Snow Fairy shower gel in her washing machine[/caption]

Tik Tok

Just adding one small capful transforms the scent[/caption]

“It smells amazing,” she said before putting it in the dryer. “I’m fairly chuffed with that hack.”

Fellow cleaning fans were keen to give the hack a try for themselves, praising her tip in the comments and over 5,000 likes.

This article was originally published on Kidspot and has been republished with permission.

Snow Fairy is Lush’s limited edition Christmas scent
  • Snow Fairy shower gel, £10, Lush – buy here

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